Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history ~ Plato

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fault Lines

She never asked for anything, went without
Foolishly believing
Her pain was visible
That though she was in desperate need
She was denied
As she was unworthy.

The fault first lies 
In her faith
That all hearts were like her own
Able to recognize the pain
That comes with mere existence
Within a world 
Prone to greed & aspirations
Enough to make the gods tremble

Kindred spirits seldom come together
As the world is threatened by their hope
She felt hers waning
A full moon lost
Behind chem trails & excess

Numb was never the answer
And sometimes
The cure hurts more
Than the disease

Shutting down kept her breathing
Yet you could never mistake it for life.

Natasha Head

Monday, April 14, 2014

Rest Easy

If I was kinder, would you listen?
Be able to see me beyond the smile,
To hear the depth of the soul
That seeks only to escape?

It's not about being liked
It's about being able to sleep at night
I can reach only so far
Beyond the wall you hide behind.

You've seen more in good manners than what was intended
Call me crazy for what I tolerate
Let me remind you
It's not about you.

When I finally get called home
Slide into the cool, damp earth
For my final slumber
I have no desire to take you with me

I only want to know
I did the best I could
And with clear conscious
Rest easy.

Natasha Head

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Does it matter really, in the long run
That every dream materialized
Came with a cutting edge?

Those who deny the mystical scales
Are only fooling themselves
The balance is ever present.

Ebb & flow
A garden left untended
Will succumb to the weeds

Much like the hearts
Who resist the dream
For the sake of inevitable loss.

If we are honest with ourselves
Has there not
For every bad day
Been a good one?

We make the choice
To dwell in the shadows
The light knows not rejection

Turn your face to the sun
Honor the good
Release the guilt that comes with mistakes

To err is human
So too...is forgiveness

We couldn't love you more.

Natasha Head

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Choked Out

Don't patronize me
Sell me on a changed dream
Because you've suddenly determined
What it is you want.

Why keep me here,
Fighting you tooth and nail
Over every Neanderthal desire
That should have up and died with the cavemen?

We are running different directions on the same track
Tethered by the very chains you lost the key for
Considering our rate of speed
A snapped neck, or two, is guaranteed 

And you wonder why you've trouble breathing?

Natasha Head