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Thursday, April 26, 2012

NaPoWriMo~ Shelved ~ #MeetingTheBar

She has been left alone far too long.
Dusty and forgotten
once loved.

Her body has grown tired.
Lack of use, lack of love
joints now seized.

Yet still the heart beats on
just a whisper
slowly running down, until

Rip, Zip,
tumbling into a new set of hands
no longer forgotten
buzz word now...DISCOVERED

One man's trash
now treasured
wound tight,

Bouncing from wall to wall
no direction
just the insistence she dance
en pointe

Oh how they smile
as she does their bidding
light as a feather
picked up and turned

purposely directed to
the next wall to stand in her way
and send her back for more.

Until, like all the others
they tire of her
no matter how perfect
and once again
she is shelved

in trade for the next best thing.

Victoria has brought "allegory" to the pub today for MeetingTheBar.  A long day at work, a wicked spring cold, and a clogged brain has allowed this bit of fodder to escape from my pen...swing on by dVersePoets and see what might escape from yours! Also my NaPoWriMo for 26.04.12


Claudia said...

sorry to hear about your cold tash...hope you're already feeling a bit better.. tight allegory here with the book, hard to be shelved and just being able to dance when someone turns the pages.. i know women that become just so passive and afraid to move on their own over the years because of pain and fear..tight write..

Quotes,Photos and a little Poetry said...

There's a lot of wisdom and truth in these words.

Brian Miller said...

this left me sad for her...the being used over and over again like a play thing...a book on the shelf a treasure, but how treasured if never used or refered back to...i'd write in her margins...and put my nose to her to capture her smell, run my fingers along her spine, trim the pages just to catch her texture...oo i love my books...smiles.

i hope you feel better....

Anonymous said...

Whew...tight write indeed....this was superb allegory!

r.m. @ newviewfromhere.wordpress.com

chromapoesy.com said...

A well woven allegory will a marvelous flow. How do you keep so much going at once? You're like a force of nature!

Becky Sain said...

This is very nice Tash. So many ways my brain went while reading this.

Victoria said...

Put this in your next volume, Tash! I hope you feel better soon and admire anyone who can write like this when they're feeling crappy.

Laurie Kolp said...

Well this doesn't seem like it's clogged at all. I really like it, especially:

Rip, Zip,
tumbling into a new set of hands
no longer forgotten
buzz word now...DISCOVERED

Hope you feel better soon!

oceangirl said...

An enjoyable read Natasha, it makes my brain think.

darkangelwrites said...

I did a poem a while back about the ballerina inside the jewelry box. This sounds like something similar only yours didn't end at a tag sale! :D

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Beautiful, Tash! I think I need a do-over! You've shown me what a real allegory is! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Goodness, this is sad.

Love this bit:
"Rip, Zip,

I hope she isn't made of porcelain.


Jannie Funster said...

I thnk she ought to lift her lovely en point shoe to their arses. :) Show them whose boss. Or better yet -- just go about her own way and realize how awesome she is just for who she is.

Really a lovely poem, Tash! So much movement in this.


Charles Miller said...

I think this is a superb allegory for how not just artists can be treated but also, and then humans in general. This is a unique way of showing how our society turns people into resources, and byndoing so robs them of humanity.

marousia said...

Beautiful - poignant and true

sheila said...

depending on your allegory, this seems either whimsical or very sad (maybe a bit of both.) enjoyed it!