Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history ~ Plato

Running With Crayons~Art by @Tashtoo

When the words won't flow, the colours will run!

Hair Pulled

And All I Loved

"Paint the Wind"

The Face of the Global Citizen ~ February 2012

Streetwise ~ September 2011
18 ~ September 2011

Inked Chaos Sept 2011

Livingroom  August 2011

"Covet"  August 2011

The Fool - August 2011

The Nature of Memory August 2011

T42 - August 2011

"Feeding Demons" August 2011

"Bleeding Me" July 2011
Appearing as Photo Prompt at In Tandem #8
Thanks Jinksy!
"SOS" July 2011
"Faith" June 2011


butterfly2cocoon said...

Somehow, with the terrible pain I feel, I also feel releaved.
"Bleeding Me" - it's amazing. If this is your world through your eyes, I can only imagine... The loud colors, aching flow. For me- it feels like seeing the ghost of me.
"Feeding Deemons" - yes. A brilliant painting - hard to express to those without... You brought it to life.
From "Faith" to the latter, colors more bold, perhaps screaming, desparate?
Thank you for sharing your colorful world.

lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog said...

They're all remarkable, but Feeding Demons jumped at me like "take me home, hang me over the bed crazy boy!"

I like the shading around the brightest colors. There's rage and gorgeousness together.

Diana Lee said...

Simply wonderful! The Nature of Memory is my favorite.

Pat Hatt said...

Didn't even see this one, really well done. Love the first one the best, but great are the rest. And that's a face it fact, another talented act.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Oh, I LOVE your colours! The subjects are wonderful too, and I particularly like the dragon.

magicinthebackyard said...

Oh my god! I love these! The nature of memory is my fave! I love color and these are bold, rich and alive. Such character within. You can feel them. Do you sell these?

Jinksy said...

Yay! "Bleeding Me" is a delight to the eyes...How about letting me use this as an In Tandem prompt one week?

Fireblossom said...

Girl! I saw your picture over at Dani's haiku love songs. I had no idea you were a painter! These are so cool. I especially like "The Nature Of Memory." I tell you what, you are one talented lady.

lkkolp said...

All are beautiful. I've enjoyed seeing some of them over on Jinksy's sight, too.


manicddaily said...

Wow! Love the color especially. Do you use pastels or crayons? Not brushes in any way! Watercolor crayons?

I have gotten very spoiled with my iPad and Brushes app. It's extremely fast but I miss gouache! k.

adan said...

i'm like k. and want to know the medium etc, these are very cool -

are the uncaptioned / undated ones new?

adan said...
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